The Chronic Diseases: Theoretical Part by Samuel Hahnemann

  • Author: Samuel Hahnemann
  • eBook title: The Chronic Diseases: Theoretical Part
  • Category: Medical Books
  • Subcategory: Medicine
  • ISBN: 817021016X
  • ISBN13: 978-8170210160
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  • Rating: 3.6 ✫
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The Chronic Diseases: Theoretical Part
Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: ALUMINA. Moral Symptoms.—His spirits are depressed; he wishes to be left alone, in the forenoon, (the eighth day.) (He feels excessively contented.) His mood changes frequently. He feels low-spirited on account of his disease.—He imagines not to be able to recover his health. The person imagines nothing but disagreeable, sad images, (first day.) She is constantly assailed by sad thoughts, which oblige her to weep ; at the same time she feels anxious and uneasy, as if something evil were to happen to her; every thing that she looks at, gives her uneasiness, (eleventh day.) Involuntary sighing and groaning, such as takes place in great pain ; he is not conscious of it. The person is depressed with grief, early in the morning, on waking up ; consciousness is not clear.— She takes every thing in the worst sense, and weeps and howls for hours, (2d day.) The boy weeps constantly, without wishing it, for half an hour. Anguish, with much uneasiness, the whole day, (2d day.) Serious, anxious mood. Anxious, sullen, peevish mood. Oppressive anxiety, attended with emptiness and numbness of the head, and pressure in the forehead, (after twelve hours.) Fear- fulness, with external heat and uneasiness, as if she had done something bad. Anxiety and fearfulness, as if he had committed a crime, (fifth day.) Uneasiness, in the evening, as though something evil were impending over him. Apprehensiveness, with palpitation of the heart, and pulsations in some parts of the breast and abdomen, (fourth day.) Anxiety, early in the morning, as though he were threatened with an epileptic fit.—He is apprehensive of losing his thoughts, his understanding. Upon seeing blood, or knives, horrible thoughts throng her mind; she feels, for instance, as though she would commit suicide, although she has the gre...

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