Mastering Executive Education: How to Combine Content With Context & Emotion; The Imd Guide by IMD Faculty, Paul Strebel, Tracey Keys

  • Author: IMD Faculty, Paul Strebel, Tracey Keys
  • eBook title: Mastering Executive Education: How to Combine Content With Context & Emotion; The Imd Guide
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  • Subcategory: Management & Leadership
  • ISBN: 0273705024
  • ISBN13: 978-0273705024
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Mastering Executive Education: How to Combine Content With Context & Emotion; The Imd Guide
The case method employed by the Harvard Business School has been the dominant business school pedagogy for years. But as we all know, that method and other similar methods have come under attack recently, most noticeably and effectively by Henry Mintzberg's Manager not MBAS.The IMD Guide is the state-of-the-art of executive education techniques. At its centre is an introduction to learning scripts, a high impact teaching pedagogy designed specifically for experienced adults as opposed to recent graduates. All based on contemporary psychological research into the way the brain learns. I find it refreshing that the educators are making the case for change. I like the focus on outcome (executive learning) rather than input (academic theory). This book appeals to me because it challenges the historic approach , it accepts the significance of emotion and it redefines what is a  good educator Good leadership is vital for sustained business success. If executive education has a valid role to play in this then educators need to embrace their own leadership responsibility. This book makes a clear case for change. I am curious to see how many educators take up the challenge! Gary Steel, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd"This book is a great contribution in illustrating how to deliver executive education that creates value. It is pragmatic and brings interesting new insights as it approaches the topic from all of the relevant dimensions. I believe this book will be  required reading and belongs on the bookshelves of everyone in the area of executive and leadership development. Matti Alahuhta, President, KONE Corporation and Chairman, IMD"This book shows us why IMD continues to be a global leader in executive education. It provides useful, practical insights into the learning experience for executives and is an invaluable resource for organizations that are serious about leadership development." Dorothy Berry, Vice-President, Human Resources and Administration, IFC "Instead of the now common complaints about what is wrong with business education, this book is the first I've seen that shows how to deliver executive learning that will stick. The key is to engage executives not only intellectually, but also emotionally. This requires a  learning script based on a real world context, which gives participants energizing roles to play involving decisions and action. Illustrated with examples of successful learning sessions and programs, this book is a must for all those responsible for management development, inside and outside of corporations."A. Daniel Meiland, Executive Chairman, Egon Zehnder International

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